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Eddie Bravo is building a BJJ empire in his 10th Planet gym franchise. With the headquarters located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, different “moons” exist around the country, with some international locations as well. The gym in Boulder, CO looks like a haven of mixed martial arts training.

Sometimes we do flying triangles #boulder #nogi #spidermonkeys

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It may be hard to tell from their current web site (as of Jan. ’16) but they offer some striking training.

Striking class getting after it! #mma #kickboxing #muaythai #boulder #10thplanet #colorado

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Situated in beautiful Boulder, CO, 10th Planet grew as sort of a misfit BJJ enterprise – emphasizing the ‘no gi’ style and incorporating Bravo’s innovative skills and methods to form a new chapter in the legacy of this martial art. The gym is currently located at : 2750 Glenwood Drive #5 Boulder, CO 80304.

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