MMA Gym Review: Strong Heart Academy

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Located in North Phoenix, Arizona, the Strong Heart Academy is, first and foremost, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym. The owner and head instructor, Mike Martin, is a 2nd degree black belt in American Freestyle Karate and a brown belt in Judo. Under Joe Moreira, he also has a black belt in BJJ. Having competed in the Pan Am games and Worlds, Martin is a tried and tested competitor.

Strong Heart Academy has a very strong focus on BJJ, but they also have what you need to succeed in MMA. Students train in boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, and more to develop skills that can take them into the cage.

The gym isn’t limited to BJJ and MMA. They also offer yoga classes, boxing classes, and seminars. The atmosphere of the gym is always friendly and people of all skill levels are welcomed. Most of the reviews on the gym echo the same points- clean facilities, great instruction, and friendly people.



“The people there are always welcoming and friendly and there is a strong family dynamic that is refreshing to be a part of.” Eric S., 5 stars on Yelp

“Mike Martin the black belt instructor runs a very exceptional class, stuff members and the front desk lady are very professional. From day one I was treated like part of their family never felt like a stranger and all the students (brother and sister) were very helpful and welcoming.” Jaguar Z., 5 stars on Yelp

“The studio was clean and everyone was very inviting and friendly. I will definitely be back and I highly recommend this studio to anyone.” Aubree D., 5 stars on Yelp

The gym is located at 3130 East Union Hills Dr, Suite 106 in Phoenix, AZ. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to learn BJJ in North Phoenix, Strong Heart Academy is the place to go.

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