Mark Hunt And The Story Behind The Walk-Off Knockout


They should’ve played Britney Spears music right after Mark Hunt’s walk-off knockout of Frank Mir at UFC Fight Night 85. the song : Oops, I Did it Again to be more precise. That’ because the Super Samoan has made the walk-off knockout a habit and his trademark. These are just two of them:

Even Conor McGregor loves Mark Hunt’s walk-offs:

The UFC only had two words to describe Mark Hunt’s win over Frank Mir on Saturday night:

That, after this happened:

Walk-off here, walk-off there. But what is the reason behind Mark Hunt’s walk-off knockouts?

Said Hunt in 2015 to Fighters Only:

“The walkaway celebration is something that just happened, I really don’t know where and when it started. When I’m in there, the adrenaline is pumping and I’m just firing in shots, looking for the finish. It just kind of happens, I guess. When you get someone, when you catch them right, you just kind of know that that’s it. He’s in there doing the same thing, trying to shoot you down, so when it lands, that’s it. It’s over and the relief kicks in. You know it’s finished so you don’t have to chase him anymore. I’ve always had it, that feeling when you hit someone right and they go down. And it’s actually about respect. I’d like to think I’ve always respected my opponents in that way. You know, if you keep punching them after they’re knocked out, they could get brain damage or end up in the hospital. So, I just see it as a fight, nothing more. It’s not personal. I’m not stepping in there to hurt anybody. But if the man in front of me is still fighting then, you know, I’ll keep swinging.”

And swinging he still is at age 41 ( 42 on March 23). Coming to the fight, Hunt was ranked 9th in the UFC Heavyweight division. His record is a modest 12-9 with 10 KOs. But because of his ridiculous punching power and of course these walk-off KOs, he’s one fighter fans can’t get enough of.

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