Brace Yourself For BRACE 38 On UFC Fight Pass


If you have UFC Fight Pass, there’s a lot more than just UFC fights to watch. BRACE is an Australian MMA promotion currently aired exclusively on UFC Fight Pass. BRACE 38 is coming up on March 26, and you don’t want to miss the action.

BRACE started out as a company that sold MMA training gear. In 2009, it branched out and started hosting events. In 2014, the promotion changed up the format for something a little more unique than just regular fights. There are eight fighters in each division, with tournament style fights held throughout the year. Fighters are eliminated when they lose, and the winners continue on to a Grand Final. The winner of that fight wins the belt for the division. Every year, the tournament starts anew.

BRACE 38 is the first round of the tournament, as is BRACE 39. There are two undefeated fighters on the card, two fighters making their professional debuts, and a veteran with 22 fights under his belt. Australia has some huge hidden talent, and BRACE is sure to showcase some of that talent. It may even unveil a few future UFC stars.

Stay tuned an interview with Theo Christakos about his upcoming fight at BRACE 39, which will take place in Canberra, Australia on April 16.

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