Benson Henderson Not the Only Ex-UFC Face at Bellator 153


If you plant to watch Bellator 153, Benson Henderson won’t be the only familiar ex-UFC face on television. “Stitch” Duran, former UFC cutman, will be working for Bellator as well.

“Stitch” was fired a day after he commented on how the Reebok deal was affecting his pay. A long-time UFC cutman, “Stitch” was a familiar face at many UFC events, attending to athletes before fights and in between rounds. On his vest, he had logos of companies that offered him payment for advertising their sponsorship. However, the Reebok deal took away that sponsorship money. When Duran mentioned that his income had suffered, Dana White took it personally. He fired Duran, who had been with the UFC since 2001.

Many fans were disappointed to see “Stitch” go, as he was an MMA icon. Now, he’s back, but it’s not with the UFC. Bellator has signed a multi-year contract with Duran, who will be able to accept sponsorships and do what he does best: be a great cutman.

Duran managed to get in a little dig at the UFC when he spoke with reporters. He said, “I can’t wait to get started working for a great organization that respects their employees and truly makes their fighters the top priority!”

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