Dos Anjos Rips McGregor for Not Knowing How to Tie His BJJ Brown Belt


Rafael dos Anjos took the opportunity to insult McGregor by posting a cropped photo of the Irish star in his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi.

McGregor can be seen with a brown belt, which wasn’t tied properly, leading RDA to poke fun at him:

“Brown belt and don’t know how to tight the belt, what a joke.”

McGregor is learning that he has made a lot of enemies among the other fighters in the UFC and plenty of them are taking their chance to speak out against him. Although this won’t rank as a priority for him as his struggles with the UFC top brass continue, but it might still be a bit embarrassing.

It raises the issue of whether McGregor’s BJJ credentials are genuine, especially given how easily he was submitted by Nate Diaz at UFC 196. McGregor rolled over and gave up his back very easily after Diaz secured the back mount and offered no resistance to the choke, which really isn’t anywhere near the level of competence you would expect from a brown belt–even if he doesn’t know how to tie his belt.


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