Video: Matt Brown Hit Three Times by Brazilian Fans During UFC 198 Walkout

UFC welterweight fighter Matt Brown flipped off 15,000 Brazilian fans at weigh-ins for UFC 198 and Saturday night the 45,000 fans in the sold-out Arena da Baixada in Curitiba, Brazil were clearly not happy with the American.

Footage captured Brown being struck at least three times during his walk to the Octagon.

The first couple of strikes were cowardly hits to the back of the head as he walked past. The third time, as the video shows, involved a taller Brazilian fan grabbing him by the hood before striking him. This advanced warning allowed Brown to spin around and throw his right fist.

So, let’s give this weekend to Matt Brown. He may have succumbed to opponent Demian Maia inside the Octagon, but he withstood the Brazilians at the weigh-ins and the walk-out.

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