Dan Hardy Rejects Mickey Gall: ‘It Just Doesn’t Make Sense’

Dan Hardy

Mickey Gall has called out his last two Octagon opponents, but his third callout isn’t interested.

After drawing high-profile fighters CM Punk and Sage Northcutt in his last two fights, newcomer Gall tried to call out a third opponent in Dan Hardy following his win at UFC on Fox 22. but the “Outlaw” quickly rejected Gall, saying the fight doesn’t make sense:

“It just doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t want to beat up a kid that I enjoy watching. There are a lot more older guys out there that have mature in their style and know their capabilities. There are a lot of fighters out there that I would be motivated to fight. And Mickey is a kid, I appreciate where he is in his career, four fights, and he is an exciting future prospect and I don’t want to play a part in the building of his career in any way.”

Gall has made a name for himself in the UFC by calling out his preferred opponent and getting to fight them. He did that with Punk and Nothcutt and beat both convincingly, but after his latest win over “Super Sage”, Gall took the post-fight interviews to call out the retired Hardy.

On Monday, the Outlaw politely turned down the youngster’s offer via the MMAHour:

“I almost spat my tea out, it was like four in morning and I wasn’t expecting it. I appreciate the call-out and I appreciate the respect that you’ve shown me, but I have never fought anybody with less than eight fights, not even in my first pro fight. We are at different phases in our careers. I’m not looking at knocking off a future contender that I’m possibly going to be commentating for in the future. At the same time, if I was going to fight, I want to fight a veteran. I want to fight someone that has had 20 or 30 fights and has matured in their game and is sure of their fighting style, not one that is still developing. I like to see the development of these young fighters and I don’t want to interfere with that in anyway. I’m 10 years older and we are at different phases in our careers.”

Hardy hasn’t fought since 2012 after he was diagnosed with a heart motor disease known as  Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. However, Hardy told media several months ago that he was contemplating a comeback at 155 pounds should he get cleared by his doctors to fight again.

Apparently, Hardy doesn’t want to be another stepping stone for Gall and that doesn’t mean Gall would have beat Hardy anyway. Game-wise, Gall has a lot to learn, especially in the standup and we saw him have trouble striking with Northcutt. What more for a former welterweight title contender like Dan Hardy? And it’s not even certain that Hardy will be cleared to fight again, so Gall might as well start calling out somebody else.

Who do you think should Mickey Gall fight next?

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