Beaten Dominick Cruz Still Talked the Talk at Post-Fight Press Conference

Dominick Cruz

There was no way of stopping Dominick Cruz from talking like Dominick Cruz. Even if he had just lost for the first time in ten years and even if Cody Garbrandt had just dominated him and took his UFC title away from him.

The beaten Cruz confidently faced reporters during the post-fight press conference and right from the first statement, he was his usual analytical self.

When a reporter started his question by saying he (Cruz) had a “tough night,” Cruz immediately replied, “What was tough about it?”

As the same reporter continued and asked him about the loss to Garbrandt, Cruz replied:

“Loss is part of life. If you don’t have loss, you don’t grow. This isn’t tough, this is life.”

Typical Cruz lingo.

Hours earlier, Cruz lost his UFC bantamweight title to challenger Cody Garbrandt via unanimous decision. Garbrandt knocked Cruz down in the third round and then a couple more times in the next two rounds to successfully dethrone the man known as the Dominator because he was undefeated as a bantamweight. The two engaged each other in an ugly war of words during the lead-up to the bout. But after the loss, Cruz paid tribute to his conqueror:

“It was good to be able to at least fight somebody with a good heart. I said what I want about the guy about his smarts or whatnot, but he does have a good heart. And that’s important. So, enjoy being at the top, Cody. You’re a young champion. Try to keep it. It’s tough. Let’s see what you do with it.”

As to what went wrong for him on fight night, Cruz talked like the Fox Sports analyst he is, replying, “It was just the little things. Like I was throwing empty kicks. I wasn’t setting them up as well, so that led him to counter better with his power instead of setting my kicks up better. That would’ve allowed me to close the range a little bit better instead of him pulling me into his power. There’s little adjustments I can make to make this a better fight, make it a little bit closer, make it a little bit more competitive to where I can win it. But tonight was his night.”

But while Cruz was gracious accepting in defeat and generous in praising his opponent, he wasn’t as kind to the reporters who were there to ask him questions. Towards the end of the interview, another reporter asked him why he stood up for the duration of his interview. Cruz’s philosophical reply was “Why would I sit down, I’m always on my feet.”

Not always, Dom. Garbrandt put you on your butt several times. But yeah, you were tough as nails, getting up each time you were down. The recovery was impressive.

Watch Dominick Cruz at the Post UFC 207 Press Conference:


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